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Back-issues of the Society's bi-monthly newsletter The Millstone may be viewed here. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader (ver 6 or later) installed on your computer in order to view each issue. If required you can download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free by clicking here.


To search for specific content in any issue of The Millstone use the search function on the home page of this website (click <Home> at top of this page). When the desired issue of The Millstone has loaded press <Ctrl>+F in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to search within that issue for the text you are looking for. All the issues of The Millstone accessible from this website have been encoded with OCR (optical character recognition) technology to enable text searching. Please be aware however that search results for issues of The Millstone earlier than Nov 2004 may produce slightly erratic results due to optical limitations with the image quality.


To respect the copyright owned by the Society and by individual contributors issues retrieved in this archive are copy-protected and can be viewed only. If you save a copy locally to your computer the copy protection will still apply. Text cannot be selected or copied, and the ability to print is disabled.


Feedback on material in The Millstone is always welcome and can be emailed to the Editor or posted to the Secretary, Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society, PO Box 174, Kurmond, NSW, 2757, Australia.



















The provisions and remedies of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cwlth) and subsequent legislative amendments apply to the use of all material contained in the Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society's website, including any issue of The Millstone and any photograph contained in the the image archive.


If you wish to use any material printed in The Millstone or photograph contained in the Society's image archive for a purpose other than for private research or study then you must seek the permission of the Society by downloading, printing and completing the Society's permission request form and submitting it either by email (email a scanned copy to the Secretary by clicking here) or by posting it to the Secretary, Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society, PO Box 174, Kurmond, NSW, 2757. On receipt of the permission request the Society will review the copyright status of the item and advise you of the outcome.


With respect to literary works (such as The Millstone) and artistic works (such as photographs from the Society's image archive) copyright owners have exclusive rights over how their works are used, such as

  • Copying and printing;
  • Publication;
  • Performance or display in public;
  • Communication to the public (eg. email, fax, or incorporation on a website); and
  • Adaptation (eg. rewording text, or altering a photograph).

Upon receipt of material for inclusion in any of its archives the Society endeavours to obtain from the copyright owner release of copyright to the Society or otherwise a non-exclusive licence for use of the material.


Further information on the provisions and remedies with copyright law in Australia and overseas may be found by visiting the website of the Australian Copyright Council and/or by seeking appropriate professional legal advice.








Printed copies of back-issues of The Millstone are available from the Society at a cost of $5 each, plus a one-off postage and handling charge of $2 per order for orders within Australia or A$10 per order for orders outside of Australia.


Orders may be placed by completion of an order form obtained by clicking here and posting together with your cheque made payable to the Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society to The Secretary, Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society, PO Box 174, Kurmond, NSW, 2757, Australia.


Please note that material contained within The Millstone is copyright.



























The Society welcomes contributions of material for inclusion in future issues of The Millstone. Contributed material should satisfy the following criteria:

Material proposed for inclusion in The Millstone together with copyright forms as appropriate may be emailed to the Editor by clicking here or otherwise be posted to the Secretary, Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society, PO Box 174, Kurmond, NSW, 2757, Australia. If you want your material returned please include a stamped self-addressed envelope as appropriate.


Please be aware that material proposed for inclusion in The Millstone will be subject to space availability or copy deadline. Unless expressly denied in a non-exclusive copyright licence form the editor will reserve the right to condense or withhold material in order to accommodate space or time constraints.


















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